Tugas Pertemuan 4 Bahasa Inggris BSI

Tugas Pertemuan 4 Bahasa Inggris BSI

Read your module (Meeting 4) and answer the question below:

1. Answer the questions at slide 6 based on the previous dialogue!
2. Answer the questions at slide 8 and 11! Please, write the question and answer completely!

What kind of music do you like?
Tom : Do you like Rap, Liz?
Liz : No, i don’t like it very much, do you?
Tom : Yeah, i do. I’m a big fan of eminem.
Liz : I think i know him. Does he play the piano?
Tom : the piano? No, he doesn’t. He’s a singer!
Liz : Oh, i guess i don’t know much about rap..
Tom : So, what kind of music do you like?
Liz : I really like pop music.
Tom : Who’s your favorite singer?
Liz : Celine Dion. I love her voice. Do you like her?
Tom : No, i don’t. I don’t like pop music very much.

1) Asnwer these questions based on the dialogue
1. Does liz like rap? No, liz don’t like it very much
2. What kind of music does liz like? He really like pop music.
3. Does tom like celine dion? No, tom don’t. tom don’t like pop music very much.
4. who is tom favorite singer? Eminem.
5. what do they talk about? They talk about the type of music they like and their favorite singers

2) A (Slide 8) Complete these sentence, then practice with a

1. A: Do You like science fiction movies?
B: No, I don’t . I don’t like it Very much.

2. A: Are Jake and lisa like soap operas?
B: I think Jake don’t like , but i don’t know about lisa.
Why don’t you ask she ?

3. A: what a Of music you listen Noriko and ethan like ?
B: they love classical music. Noriko really likes yo-yo ma
A: what is He play?
B: The cello. I have his new cd. Let’s listen to together

B (Slide 11) I. Respond to three invitations. Then write three invitations for
the given responses.
1. A: i have tickets to the baseball game. On Saturday, would you
like to go.
B: Yes, of course. I’d like it so much. I wiil go with you
2. A: Would you like to come over for dinner tomorrow night?
B: Oh, I’m so sorry, I can’t. my grandfather was came in to my house yesterday.
3. A: Would you like to go to a pop concert with me this weekend.?
B: Well. I’d like to. But I have to spend my time with my mom who was sick
1. A: Would you like to attend my wedding party on Saturday?
B: Yes i’d love to. Thank you.
2. A: would you like to go to mall with me this night?
B: Well, i’d like to. But i have to study.
3. A: would you like to see the concert tommorow night?
B: Yes, thank you. I’d really like to see it.

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