Tugas Pertemuan 6 Bahasa Inggris BSI

Tugas Pertemuan 6 Bahasa Inggris BSI

  1. Give a checklist (√) on slide 3 based on your opinion!

Which are these activities are popular with the following age group?

check (√) the activities. Then compare with your friend.

Activity Children Teens Young


Middle-aged people Older people
in-line skating


  1. You must read the sentences on slide 5. Please, write a sentence about routine activities using these adverbs! (ALWAYS, USUALLY, FREQUENTLY, OFTEN, SOMETIMES, OCCASIONALLY, RARELY, SELDOM, HARDLY EVER, NEVER)

Always : I always do eglish assignments

Usually: I and My Friend usually spend the weekend at the coffe shop.

Frequently: I Frequently sleep at 1 pm

Often: I often goes to caffe by motorcycle

Sometimes: I sometimes do  assignments together with friends

Occasionally: My family occasionally visit our grandparent every weekend

Rarely: I rarely play football

Seldom: I seldom watch movie at television

Hardly Ever:I hardly ever play kites

Never: I never go to Bali.

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