Tugas Bahasa Inggris Pertemuan 9 Semester 1 BSI

Tugas Bahasa Inggris Pertemuan 9 Semester 1 BSI

1. Complete the dialogue by using Simple Past Tense on slide 4!
2. Complete the word map on slide 5!
3. Write a postcard to the partner about last vacation! Example: Slide 9.

Answer :

1. A : Did you stayed home on Saturday?
B : No, I called my friend. We drive to a cafe for lunch.
2. A : What did you spend your last birthday?
B : I went to the Jim Carey film. I Love it !
3. A : Did you have a favorite teacher when you were a child?
B : Yes, I did. I had an excellent teacher named Mr. Woods.
A : What did he teach?
B : He taught English.
4. A : Could you tell me a little about yourself? Where were you born?
B : I was born in Korea
A : Did you grow up there?
B : No, I didn’t. I grew up in Canada.

2. A. Complete the word map. Add two more words to each category.
Then compare with a partner.
√ beach
Collect comic books
play chess
soccer ball
summer camp
tree house


Pet Cat,rabbit,snake
Hobbies Bicyle,collect comic,play chess,soccerball
Place Beach Beach,summer camp
Possession Books,scrapbook,
Childhood Memories,collect comic,summer camp

Dear Milea

Jl. Dago Timur,No 35


Hello my dear, how are you there? I hope you are good. I miss you because we have not met in a long time. Do you miss me too? If you are on vacation, I hope you can visit Pontianak. I’m sure you will love it because it is a beautiful city. I will take you to many places like Singkawang and to the most beautiful places in Pontianak. I know that you love beach and I have so many secret places for you to, so I recommend you to visit here a couple of weeks.

Hopefully we can meet soon, my dear…



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